I painted a couch!

Just like the title says, LOL... I painted a couch! So heres how things went down. I was just sitting at home one day.. I got this thought in my head which led me to look at vintage victorian couches online (this is the basis of 90% of my creative thoughts).  It came from no where, but because google is right at the tip of your fingers at all times, every thought that goes in, has a search bar handy. Less than 5 minutes later I found a sofa that had attractive bones and even better, attractive price! But darn it... the fabric was HIDEOUS! So.. back to google I went! Hiring someone to reupholster?? NOPE... I have yet to win at publishers clearing so this was not a no go. Next option .. do the reupholster myself! Off to Youtube I went.... Holy macaroni! Nope!! Want to see what I mean??? Just do the youtube search yourself.... reupholstering is an experienced technique!! So that wasnt going to work out. But luckily... this youtube search led me to another option. A quite affordable option at that. Paint the thing!!

About 4 emails, a little convincing to the hubs for some muscle, and $150 bucks later... and I was a proud owner of a hideous new sofa LOL! I took my tooshie to The Home Depot the next morning, bought some supplies and off I went to paint. The first coat of paint took a couple of hours.. but each coat after went a little faster. That thing sucked up 5 coats of paint to cover those pink and blue flowers.. but it came out so GOOD! 

I couldn't stop even! I had this chair in my Twin Cities studio that got really dirty and was unable to clean after a rainy field day. So I tackled that beast as well LOL! I did do the paint job a bit differently though. See... Im a creative human. BUT Im also an impatient human! When I get an idea I CANT wait!! Think about it... I randomly thought about a couch an in less than an hour I owned the darn thing!! But I was so excited to get started that I didn't do all my research. Turns out.. there is a product out there that actually preps the fabric BEFORE you start painting so it doesnt take so many coats! So I bought that stuff.. and used it on another piece of furniture that really needed an upgrade. 

So now.. for less than a couple hundred bucks... I have 2 new pieces of furniture that are so perfect for photos! It took some elbow grease.. some patience (which I just don't have!!) and some help from my monsters. <3 

Check out the new furniture options in my Twin Cities photography studio!! 


The original sofa!!

The original sofa!!

I put these monsters to work ;)&nbsp;

I put these monsters to work ;) 

After 2 coat..&nbsp;

After 2 coat.. 

Finished product!!!&nbsp;

Finished product!!! 

I mean.. at this point.. why not!! LOL... this pink chair is for prefect for toddler sessions!&nbsp;

I mean.. at this point.. why not!! LOL... this pink chair is for prefect for toddler sessions! 

Don't forget to make an appointment for your family on my amazing new couch! Head on over to my Contacts page to inquire about a session!!